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STRANGE EVENT – company organizing special football match with a fixed result in lower divisions of Europe.

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Do you know about special matches? We call them Games, but another definition of this term is ‘Treaty Games’. But of course it has a positive sides or negative sides and it's only up to you to decide what side you will choose. While you make the decision, the company STRANGE EVENT benefits from it.

Some statistics are just plain stubborn. For many years it tells us that 40-50% of soccer matches in a lower division and youth teams has an obvious outcome. This is not surprising, because for many people, football is a sport, but for others it is a business. As for us this is a Business that makes a lot of money.

Corruption in sport and the lack of quality broadcasting are the main factors which give us the opportunity to carry out ‘special games’. In most cases, the fact that ‘Treaty Games’ in such cases is not possible to prove.

The only thing that can be - the dismissal of the responsible persons, a small fine or fuss in a Press.

Let me tell you about our company STRANGE EVENT. We have been engaged in the organization special matches since 2008. We have a lot of trusted contacts on several continents. Our informants and organizers involved in the work of both clubs, as well as with individual players and even referees. We are fully protected against any force majeure circumstances because we work cohesively with all Department of our company. All our contacts proven over the years. Each has developed a good reputation that no one wants to lose.

Why you actually with STRANGE EVENT

  • Lately, in social networks and on the other websites appeared information about the sale of results fixing matches for an acceptable price. In fact, it is the real fraud. Actually, we know this information costs a lot of money. No one will risk the reputation of the club for a penny. You can get the most reliable information only from proven players in this business.
  • We built this system in such a way as to avoid all potential risks. You don’t need to buy expensive insider information about matches and betting. Especially for you, we have developed a number of investment proposals. You open a deposit in our system and we win money for you and transfer it to your account. Pros: regardless of the outcome, you get a fixed amount every 24 hours on your account. Cons: if we earn more than you rely on the chosen tariff, the surplus will transfer to the reserve Fund of the company.
  • If you wish to bet, then you have a special tab “fixing match” which you will find in the office. Clicking on it you can contact the manager of the company and learn how to buy the insider information. Please note, if you get this information, you will need to follow a few requirements.
  • Our employees work carefully through the different bookmakers, usually most of them are Asian. We avoid betting control and their suspicion because we are working on a special scheme.

Our primary goal is a long-term development and expansion of our activities. Join our STRANGE EVENT and you will organize your future!

We workwith people of different influences in the world of sports:

  • managers
  • agents
  • press attaché
  • referees
  • players

our goals for the future

To expand the geography of its influence on other continents, the main task to enter the India market. And start organizing special games in other sports.

the company STRANGE EVENT

STRANGE EVENT gives you an opportunity to earn a lot without investments. You get the assess to multilevel partner program after your registration.

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