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STRANGE EVENT – company organizing special football match with a fixed result in lower divisions of Europe.

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General terms and conditions

The user in case of registration process shall get acquainted with Terms of Service and click the "I accept" button for registration completion and it means that the user reached the agreement with the company, voluntarily accepts all content of these Terms of Service. If the user doesn't agree with these conditions, the right to use services, as well as the right to registration can't be granted to you.

  1. Main provisions
    1. The company uses own software for provision of services to the user on the Internet, and users users should:
      1. To provide itself with the equipment, including the personal computer, the modem and device with access to the Internet.
      2. To provide communication with the Internet and to pay timely for services of Internet connection provision and phone.
    2. In view of a demand of products and company services, you agree:
      1. To provide timely, detailed and exact data about your personal information. All provided data will be used for receipt of information in case of registration of the user.
    3. The user can permit the company to open the registration information to the third party, otherwise the company has no right to share a name, the address of the participant, the e-mail address, an account number. Except cases, when:
      1. direct permission of the user, owing to need of provision of information to other user, the company or the person having the right to open such information by the e-mail of the website or otherwise.
      2. upon the demand of the company to provide personal data owing to the relevant legislative and standard requirements, and also according to requirements of the relevant responsible state departments.
      3. for the purpose of protection of legitimate interests of the public and the company's website.
      4. the company's website can cooperate with the third parties regarding provision of the corresponding services to users of the website and provision to the third parties of the right to access to the user registration of information of the website, etc., only if this third party agreed to bear responsibility and equal protection concerning confidentiality of all users of the website.
      5. on private requests of certain users without of detailed data provision, for reasons of the fact that each person has the right to use all users databases and the user database of the website for common commercial using.
    4. If provided information is inexact, isn't true, isn't legal and actual, the provision of services to such users will be suspended. Users use the various company services, and they confirm acceptance of all types of the information services provided by the company.
    5. The company implies content which can include by information services and information such as: the text, software, a sound, photos, video, graphics, advertizing content of the company for provision to users of business information, etc., which one and all is protected by an author's right, trademarks and other methods and means of protection acts of intellectual property. Thus, the user can use this content only with the permission of the company's management, and under no circumstances has no right to unauthorized copying, change, compilation of content of the website, or to creation of content connected with derivative financial instruments of the company.
    6. If the user doesn't carry out any provisions of these Conditions, the company has the right to stop provision of all services, the rights and the cross liability by means of any legal means allocated for accomplishment of these actions.
    7. The decision on using or not using of all services, provided by the website is accepted by the user at own risk and the company in the maximum degree which permitted by the current legislation doesn't bear responsibility for direct or indirect losses of the user. Even in case of receipt by the user of the warning of a possibility of such losses.
    8. The user shall understand that when using all services of the website associated with Internet investments all aspects of factors of instability can be affected. Provision of services which becomes impossible owing to action of force majeur circumstances of influence of computer viruses or the hacker attacks, influences of the relevant state departments, Internet service providers and telecom operators which cause instability of system, and also an event in the country of finding of the user, disconnection of the user from networks, the Internet, communication lines and other reasons caused by suspension of services providing can't be considered as risks because of the company. Users shall understand the degree of all risks owing to which the company doesn't guarantee uninterruptedness of the provided services. Thus, the company doesn't bear any responsibility for factors as a result of which the user can't send, load pages of the website, receive or accept messages, including incorrectly loaded messages or when the user can't get the connection with the website.
    9. It is forbidden to place the false or malicious information inducing other users to unwanted joint marketing. Including, but without limitation, it is forbidden to publish information about a user name, numbers of e-wallets, passwords in the Internet, including the persons, who are not users of the company's website.
    10. It is forbidden to create multiple registration. We will block all accounts of such users.
  2. Rights and user's obligations
    Using the provided services on the Internet, the user shall observe the corresponding state standard rates and laws, including laws of the criminal law, laws on a homeland security, laws on confidentiality, rules of protection of computer information security of system, etc. as illegal use of the Internet can result in the corresponding responsibility of the user for which consequences the user accepts complete responsibility on your own.
    1. The user, using the services provided by the company's website should provide exact personal information, and also information about any changes of personal data which shall be updated without any delay.
    2. After successful completion of registration, the company will provide to each user an account the safety of the password is undertaken by the user, applying all possible steps and bearing responsibility for safe storage of data of authorization.
    3. The user can't use or extend any confidential information and transfer this information in defiance of requirements of national systems of law to the third parties, including, but not limited to, the user can't publish the following information:
      1. instigation to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;
      2. spreading rumors disturbing public peace or undermining social stability;
      3. spreading of obscenities, pornography, gamblings, spreading of the ideas of violence, murder, terror or information provoking crimes;
      4. spreading of the insults or slander, violating legitimate rights of other persons;
      5. spreading of the perverted contents of laws, administrative rules and other content.
    4. Using any web services, the user shall strengthen awareness on personal data protection, protection by the password, and also to pay attention to complexity of personal passwords.
  3. The services suspension
    1. The company reserves the right to change or stop servicing without prior notice of the user, reserves the right to change or stop provision of services without the knowledge of the user or any third party if it is caused by need to protect development and independence of business of the company. Users should agree with these conditions before the company begins to provide services to the users.
  4. The users' privacy policy
    The respect of the user is the main priority of this policy of the company. Thus, as addition to the second point of the stated above requirements to information on personal data recording, the company won't share, edit or disclose information about registration of the user and will store all above-stated information in a nondisclosure condition. This information can be used or be provided if necessary in the following cases:
    1. according to the law, including the relevant state bodies require to provide information on content of these all users of the website and registration date, the e-mail address and other information.
    2. according to observance of requirements of provision of services.
    3. for the purpose of protection of intellectual property rights of the company and its trademarks.
    4. for the purpose of protection of personal privacy of other users, and also for ensuring public safety in emergency situations.
    5. In any other necessary cases.