How to Judge the Quality of a Comedy Routine

There are different ways to judge the quality of a comedy routine. Some people might look at the length, the number of laughs, and how quickly it gets going. Others might focus on how interesting it is or how dark it is. It's important to remember that what makes a good routine is subjective so there isn't just one way to judge comedy routines. It's all about finding what works for you and your audience. But here are some common factors of how a comedy routine can be judged by. Length of the Routine Comedy routines can be judged off of the length of the routine. There is a certain amount of time that it takes to write a routine. The length of the routine is what helps determine how well it was received by the audience. Some comedic routines are shorter than others, but they are still a

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Excited About Geiger? Wait Till You Check Out The RedCoat!

Geoff Johns has created some of the most interesting, intelligent, and complex comic book series in recent years. His most recent comic, Geiger, has already started turning some heads with its futuristic setting, post-apocalyptic realities, and fascinating character development. He recently announced a new series “The RedCoat” within the Unnamed Universe, a move that will open his series to many exciting possibilities. What Exactly Is The RedCoat? The RedCoat is a mysterious American Revolutionary warrior who somehow gains immortality and lives to fight in many, many other wars. His attractive and unique design adds a touch of color and excitement to the bleak world of Geiger and brings a unique sensibility as well. While the full range of this character hasn't yet been revealed or di

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